Automated Dispatching

The GetSwift proprietary batching algorithm can automatically assign a driver according to the following parameters:

Distance, Smart Batch, Availability, Current Load Capacity, Direction, Best Performing Driver and more!


Smart Routing

The GetSwift proprietary routing algorithm can automatically optimise your daily routes to save your business time, fuel and vehicle costs, and all whilst maximising the daily drop count per driver per day!


Increase Customer Loyalty

Build trust and transparency with your customer database.

Provide a superior delivery experience over your competitors.

tracking alert.jpg


Real-Time Job Tracking

Now you can track every parcel in real-time.

Reduce your missed delivery count. Reduce customer complaints. 

From pick up to drop off, you and your customer will know your driver's every move.



Real-Time Service Feedback

Monitor your driver's service and performance.

Monitor customer feedback in real-time. Turn a bad experience around before it leaks on social media and google.

Convert and upsell every customer to return and buy again and again from your website.



iOS and Android Courier Apps

Every driver in your fleet will have an IOS or Android GetSwift courier app.

Now you can: assign new jobs, send daily run sheets without paper, optimise the batching per driver, record the delivery completions for reporting, track your whole fleet and send real-time delivery updates to the receiver to ensure reliable and on time delivery completion rates.



Proof of Delivery

Digitally capture a photo, notes or customer signature to prove delivery.

All of this information is stored in your job history dashboard



White Labelled Booking Form

Your clients can now place new delivery bookings via your own white labelled booking form!



Live Management Dashboard

Real-time management dashboard to notify drivers, re-assign deliveries, or even check on a delivery status



Integrate Your Website or APP with the GetSwift API

Automatically send orders on your platform through to GetSwift