Senior Level C#/Javascript Developers (Melbourne)

Job Description

We are a fast growing, complex online logistics/delivery tracking and management software company that enables business owners to automatically dispatch like Uber, track like Dominos, optimise routes like FedEx as well as manage the delivery of goods and mobile workforces.

We help streamline a business' delivery operation as well as increase their revenues, increase customer retention, reduce key operational costs all while impressing their receiving customer with live tracking of deliveries.

Management can finally have control over their fleet, make smarter decisions, improve their whole customer experience and enjoy HUGE efficiency gains with their logistics operation without having to invest thousands in technology.

We're not just looking for a developer, we're looking for for someone prepared to get involved, to bring in fresh ideas and who is enthusiastic about working alongside us to build high quality software.

The company is well funded and is listing on the ASX in 2016. Our clients are some of Australia and America's most recognisable brands (Logistics, Quick Service Food, Distributors), in over 50 countries and we recently won 1st prize for the Australia-Pacific OzApps award.

Some of the projects you would be working on are:

  • Cutting edge delivery dispatching systems
  • Complex Routing, distribution and allocation systems (to optimise the assignment of deliveries/tasks to the closest drivers who are on shift)
  • Data driven analytics
  • Real-time delivery tracking mapping and white labelling for our Blue Chip Australian and American clients (helping any delivery company offer live tracking to their customer)
  • Enhancing our current architecture fully utilise cloud services


Skills & Requirements

We're looking for a senior level .Net Developer with experience as close to our current stack as possible.

Please let us know your thoughts and experience with each of the following

  • C#/.Net 4+ (functional style, LINQ, dependency injection, SOLID etc)
  • MVC4+
  • Javascript
  • Basic functional programming
  • AWS and cloud programming in general
  • SignalR
  • Entities framework (code first, auto migrations)
  • Angular (and other modern JS frameworks)
  • LESS
  • APIs/REST all that
  • GIT, CI etc
  • Mobile development
  • Working with a startups and understanding of small business in general

Android (Java), iOS (Obj-C), AWS, front-end skills and/or dev-ops experience would be very handy too. We are all "full stack".

Any fluency in the following languages is a plus: Spanish, German, French or Italian

We are also after someone with experience in working in lean agile environments, with a MVP business attitude. You must be able to work autonomously and be trustworthy and efficient. You should be prepared to take a proactive role in how we do things.

To help us with the screening process, please email with "GetSwift Developer Job" as the subject (to show you've read this far).  Please also include a short list of your favourite software related bloggers or authors. Please note this a Melbourne based role.

No Agencies or sponsorship available.