Lead Technical Architect ( AWS / C# / .NET / JavaScript)

Job Description

Are you bored? Is management where you are currently working too focused on politics and power games and not creating amazing products? Are they threatened by your drive, intellect and ways of looking at things differently? Do you find yourself being able to do something in 1 hour that takes most people 3? Then do we have a role for you! This is not a 9-5 job - this is a career opportunity to make your mark not only in Australia but also in the USA and Europe where the company is currently operating and expanding. We don't believe in excuses or wingeing. The company values are driven by the unrelenting passion and emphasis on customer service, problem solving and results that can be backed by data. You will need to park your ego at the door like we all do, and have the strength of character to backup your views with outcomes. The company encourages fast growth not by the length of time you are in any specific role, but by sustainable results and personal accountability. Can you handle it? Does this excite or intrigue you? Are you willing to shake off the shackles that hold you back? If the answer is yes..read on.

We are a fast growing, complex online logistics/delivery tracking and management software company that enables business owners to automatically dispatch like Uber, track like Dominos, optimise routes like FedEx as well as manage the delivery of goods and mobile workforces.

The company is well funded and listed on the ASX in 2016. We also recently won 1st prize for the Australia-Pacific OzApps award among other accolades….but enough about us. This is all about you….

We're not just looking for a senior engineer, we're looking for someone who is prepared to get involved, bring in fresh ideas and who is enthusiastic about working alongside us to build high quality, high performing software. We are looking for someone to become the lead technical architect - this role will eventually be a career path to becoming the chief technical product officer.

You will need to quickly understand our strategic opportunity and work with us to expand and execute our global product & architectural roadmap. The company is also in the process of evaluating acquisition targets so there is an opportunity to learn this sector and participate as part of technical/product M&A team.  You will need to have the right drive, motivation and hunger for success above all else. We pride ourselves on having the most stable, secure, scalable and high performing software in the market and your success will directly correspond to your ability to lead and take our architectural design and performance to the next level!

Can you handle it? Can you pass the interview and code test? Ready to start right away? So are we - our hiring process is fast, nimble and to the point. After interviewing you we will let you know within days if you got the gig - no drawn out dramas or silence from us! Let's get this party started:


Some of the projects you would be working on are:

  • Cutting edge delivery dispatching systems to help large enterprises automate their whole dispatching process

  • Complex routing, distribution and allocation systems to ensure our customers can save in fuel, vehicle maintenance and driver time out on the road which will add millions in savings to our customers each year

  • Data driven analytics and business intelligence projects to help different departments of our client make better decisions

  • Real-time delivery tracking and mapping projects to improve the user experience of our client’s and their receiving customers

  • Automating the complete end to end delivery algorithm to one day enable the bots to take easily take over the human tasks

  • Enhancing our current architecture to fully utilise cloud & micro services


Some skills that will make your job easier:

We're looking for a lead level .Net Developer with dev-ops, microservices, cloud progamming architecture experience and as close to our current stack as possible. Please let us know your experience with each of the following:

  • C#/.Net 4+ (functional style, LINQ, dependency injection, SOLID etc)

  • MVC4+

  • Javascript

  • Advanced functional programming

  • AWS and cloud programming in general

  • SignalR

  • Entities framework (code first, auto migrations)

  • Angular (and other modern JS frameworks)

  • LESS

  • APIs/REST all that

  • GIT, CI etc

  • Dev-ops experience.


Very Nice to haves

  • Testing automation

  • Quality Assurance

  • Mobile Development

  • Android (Java), iOS (Obj-C), front-end skills would be very handy too. We are all "full stack".


We offer a very competitive salary package (they all say that), a great work environment (we mean it), and the opportunity to work for a successful software company with an entrepreneurial culture as well as our experienced and agile team members are keen to work with you to create a cutting edge product. But above all else we offer you new experiences, the ability to pick up new skills along with freedom and respect!


To be successful in your application make sure you:

  • Actually have read the full advert - put some thought into your cover letter. If it's a form letter it will be identified right away. Beware our mighty screening algorithm! They are a human being so try to be creative.  

  • Already have the right to work in Australia;

  • Please let us know:

    • who you are and why you think you fit the requirements - bonus points for thinking out of the box;

    • why this role interests you;

    • what can you do for us and what can we do for you?;

    • an indication of the salary package you are looking for and

    • how we can help you grow

    • and name 3 movies that influenced you and why.



  • Respect, freedom, and knowledge - work with some of the best global talent around.

  • The gift of time! Promotions, raises, etc based on outcomes not tenure.

  • Travel - exceed your yearly goals, get a trip to Hawaii or Bali for a week. We will even throw in some spending money, so you can do it in style.

  • Being able to kick some serious gluteus maximus and be proud of it

  • Computer, monitors, and the other gear that may be needed

  • Our secure office in the Melbourne CBD is close to great public transport, is clean, sunny, temperature controlled, and you can still get to wear and nurture your developer look’.

  • Did we mention we are foodies? Yeah we love going out as a team after serious wins and enjoying some amazing dining.

  • Seeing your product deployed globally and with some of the largest brands

Please send your resume and cover letter to apply for this role to: talent@getswift.co

Good luck!