Connecting any website/platform to GetSwift

Need to connect a platform or website to GetSwift so order flows automatically?

Well we have an option for you and it is through one of our partners:

Parseur is great if you don’t have the luxury of hiring developers and you want to connect your deliveries directly from your website to your GetSwift account

Basically you can turn your order emails from your website into actual delivery jobs into GetSwift easily and automatically!

Here is how you can set this up:

1. Sign up here if you do not have a GetSwift merchant account yet

pasted image 0.png


2. Login to your GetSwift account then generate your API key here and make sure that it is active

. Create a Parseur account and a new parser, more information here


4. Setup your GetSwift API on Parseur

pasted image 0 (3).png


5. Send your first email to the Parseur inbox

pasted image 0 (4).png


. Parseur will let you create a new template from it


. Start creating the fields by selecting the data and giving it a name that matches the GetSwift API. 

Here are the GetSwift API fields

Pickup Details:

  • pickupName
  • pickupDescription
  • pickupAddress
  • pickupPhone
  • pickupEmail

Drop off Details:

  • dropoffName
  • dropoffDescription
  • dropoffAddress
  • dropoffPhone
  • dropoffEmail

Order Details:

  • reference
  • deliveryInstructions



8. Setup the proper fields

. Click Create to save the template and to start processing your order


0. A delivery job is created in GetSwift

pasted image 0 (8).png


11. You can now configure your system to automatically forward / send email orders to your Parseur inbox. 



Integrating GetSwift into your platforms


Do you want orders to automatically flow from your platform to your GetSwift account?

Show your software engineer our API documentation


Do you want information to automatically flow from your GetSwift account to your platforms?

Show your software engineer our webhooks documentation


Don't have a developer and want an easy to connect your website to GetSwift? 

Follow this set up guideline here to connect all of your websites and 3rd party platforms to GetSwift


Ask us today about our integrations with:



Customer Tracking Page (White Labelled)


The Newly Designed - Customer Tracking Page

  • Send your customer a live tracking page with your company branding

  • Completely White Labelled with no GetSwift logo

  • Smoother car icon movement and tracking

  • Estimated time of arrival for customer 

  • Communicates to the customer what number they are in the delivery queue

  • Call or SMS the driver or the business

  • Beautifully designed mapping interface


Want to test and see the new customer tracking page for yourself?

Go to your dashboard and click Map or Operate:


Click on a job on your admin map:


Then click on the customer tracking page link:


Make sure you have uploaded your company logo here so your branding appears on the tracking page

To send branded tracking page to your customers, make sure you have alerts turned on here

Please reach out to us here if you need help setting this up

With love from the Swift team!


Automatically send restaurant orders to GetSwift

So you own a restaurant or deliver for a restaurant?

And you want to send Grubhub, Eat24,, Seamless, Menulog, JustEat, Eatnow orders automatically to Swift?

Here is how you set it all up:

  • Head over to your favourite job templates page and in there you can set up and save your restaurant pick up template.

  • Press the "pick up from known address" button


  • Now enter the restaurant name exactly how it is spelt on the food ordering email
  • Enter the address etc. and hit save


  • Now go to your general settings and hit the Show advanced options link and go down to the bottom section
  • Enter the email address that you will be sending the food orders from and then hit "update"


  • Swift needs to know how to identify an order for your account so we identify that order from the sender email address and the new pick up template you created for that restaurant
  • Now the fun begins: fwd a grubhub or any food order email from your specified email address above and fwd it to
  • Wait up to 20 seconds and our robot will create the job for you in your account!
  • You can also set up a fwd filter so all orders that arrive in your inbox get automatically fwd'ed to - here is how you fwd emails from gmail to


White Labelled Booking Form


Do you need a simple booking form to share with your customers so they can make quick booking requests and send them automatically to your Swift account?

We now have a feature that will allow your local customers to send you order requests really quickly


Announcing the - "Public Booking Form"

(Please make sure you have your logo uploaded first in general settings)


  • You can invite and give authorisation to a specific local customer to place a new booking request via your own white labelled booking form



  • Then your invited user will get an invite email


  • Once your invited user follows the link in the email and then sign in to Swift or create an account on Swift, a new booking option in their profile settings will appear -



  • When clicking the tile, they will be directed to your white labelled public booking form


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.36.17 PM.png


  • Your user will now be able to place a booking with your company and also save the important details so they can place bookings ULTRA FAST in the future



  • Once they submit the new job it will land in your merchant jobs list on your operator map





As part of our continued mission to support and help you grow your business, we trust this adds huge value to your operation


Please reach out to us here if you need help setting this up