Dispatch Better Than Uber - (Dispatching & Driver Notifications)


Dispatching is by way of sending and notifying a new task or job to a driver.

You can dispatch to drivers in many different ways:

  • Notify all drivers: Every time a job is added, the job will be sent to all drivers who are online
  • Manually notify: Every time a job is added, the job won't be sent to any driver until you open up that job on the map like here:
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.00.57 PM.png


Then you can manually "notify" the driver and other drivers


you can even make the job exclusive to that driver by clicking "only" next to the driver's name

  • Smart notifications: This setting automatically notifies drivers who are within 1 mile to pick up and who have (available capacity and have good driver ratings), they get 30 seconds to accept the job before the smart notification then notifies everyone within 2 miles from the pick up and it keeps notifying further and further out until a driver accepts the job


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.18.35 PM.png


  • Notify a specific driver: This setting forces you to select a driver or driverID before you submit a new job either via API or manually


  • Batch Notify: In the operator map, our “Batch Notification” system allows a manager to select the driver from the list and notify the driver of a batch of jobs quickly and easily.  Here is a 60 second clip on how to do it