Importing an order (Grubhub, Seamless, Menulog, Eatnow, JustEat etc.)

Do you want to save precious data entry time?

What if you could copy and paste an order email and have Swift scrape all the data and create a job for you?

Well now you can and let us show you how with a order email example

  • Before you do anything, you will need to create a favourite pick up template that has the same name as the grubhub order email
  • Go to favorite job templates to set up a template
  • Uncheck the "ask for pick up details" box
  • enter your shop details
  • hit "save" at the bottom
  • now go to your inbox to find a grubhub or food ordering email
  • copy the whole email



  • Paste the email into the import box
  • GetSwift robot will then create the job for you
  • then press "add this job" at bottom of screen

Do you work with any other platforms that you would want this feature for? Contact us here