Driver App Actions

Once a driver profile is set up and the driver is on-line, they are ready to start receiving and delivering orders.

Drivers are required to perform three essential actions for each order that is allocated to them, including:

    •    Accept Job – This assigns the job to that specific driver and tells the manager that that driver will complete the delivery.

    •    On Way / Start – The driver selects this when they are ready to leave the store on the way to the customer.

    •    Complete Order – The driver select this when the deliver the order and the manager will no longer see the job in the map (note: this order is then archived for reporting)

Note: the above driver actions will create system notifications for both Managers and Customers, so it is important that drivers are educated as to the need to complete these functions.

Management Control - Our management map tool also has the ability for the manager to force each of these actions if the driver forgets to do so (i.e. the manager can see the driver heading to a location, however having to forgotten to select “Accept” or “On Way”.  This is important so that managers can capture accurate and reliable data. 

To do this, open the relevant job (either with the delivery pin or by clicking Jobs Tab -> Select Relevant Job to expand:

    •    Notify Driver -> Accept (this will force the driver to accept job) -> Change to “On Way” -> Complete Job

* It is recommended that you educate your drivers on how to use the process on their app, however if drivers are not following instructions, the above feature will be very helpful for a store manager