Automatically send restaurant orders to GetSwift

So you own a restaurant or deliver for a restaurant?

And you want to send Grubhub, Eat24,, Seamless, Menulog, JustEat, Eatnow orders automatically to Swift?

Here is how you set it all up:

  • Head over to your favourite job templates page and in there you can set up and save your restaurant pick up template.

  • Press the "pick up from known address" button


  • Now enter the restaurant name exactly how it is spelt on the food ordering email
  • Enter the address etc. and hit save


  • Now go to your general settings and hit the Show advanced options link and go down to the bottom section
  • Enter the email address that you will be sending the food orders from and then hit "update"


  • Swift needs to know how to identify an order for your account so we identify that order from the sender email address and the new pick up template you created for that restaurant
  • Now the fun begins: fwd a grubhub or any food order email from your specified email address above and fwd it to
  • Wait up to 20 seconds and our robot will create the job for you in your account!
  • You can also set up a fwd filter so all orders that arrive in your inbox get automatically fwd'ed to - here is how you fwd emails from gmail to