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GetSwift promises to cut on-demand delivery drivers’ times by 38%

We speak to hundreds of on-demand startups every week and they are all after the same tools. Ship something from A to B as fast as possible to maximise delivery driver wages and delivery routes. They are promise to deliver goods across suburbs within the hour or during a specific delivery window and this means they all need robust logistical routing software in place. Swift its a dispatching and route planning service that has been simplifying and improving the last mile for businesses in Australia, United States, Canada, UK, Asia and even parts of the Middle East and Africa.

The company says its dispatching routing tool eliminates hours of planning and driving, by finding the optimal route between multiple points for mobile workforces and delivery fleets.

"We enable the similar software to what Uber use to dispatch, manage and route people and parcels within the same city", CEO Joel Macdonald said. "It now doesn't make any sense to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in apps and dispatching systems when you can now use Swift for cents per transaction and no upfront cost"

With algorithms built for delivery windows, vehicle types, carrying load capacity, driver performance, traffic, weather and various other delivery parameters, Swift's software aims to help companies save fuel, time, money and missed delivery counts globally. The companies vision is to one day replace the two way radios, scanners and outdated mapping solutions that most of the larger logistics companies are still running on. "Companies like Uber & Lyft have now raised the bar and consumers globally now expect nothing short of an improved, faster and transparent transport or delivery experience. Companies who don't adapt to these expectations will fall behind. Look at Domino's latest earnings report. They are attributing their new revenue growth to their new pizza tracking tech. Huge efficiencies are being gained and revenue is growing!" 

Swift launched 2 years ago to solve routing and dispatching pain from Macdonald's other company, Liquorun.com. The tech became so popular that they put Liquorun on pause and began to distribute Swift globally. The Swift service includes dispatching and routing options, live map visibility, scheduling, analytics, reporting, fleet management and driver apps and works in a range of industries such as, food, delivery, beauty, ecommerce, cannabis, long haul trucking, distributions, courier, cleaning, and roadside assist

Macdonald says Swift can cut down on dispatching, planning and drive time by up to 38 percent. Swift is now operating in 15 countries globally and every sign up an enjoy a free trial with no credit card required or contract commitment needed.

- James