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Swift Officially Launches Delivery Management Service

It has been a busy 12 months for Swift.

The company expanded its delivery operation into Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the new year saw the company expand into New York after signing a 24 month contract with a billion dollar e-commerce retailer (who can not be named at this point in time)

As Swift continues to evolve, the company has just announced that the platform has evolved into a delivery management software platform first and a delivery fulfilment platform second to enable merchants around the globe to improve their delivery operation and customer experience.

The software that was used to manage a multi city, multi timezone and multi country on-demand logistics operation by Swift will now give business an affordable way to:

  • Manage their fleet with their own iOS and Android courier app
  • Connect their unique API into the system they are already using
  • Notify customers in real-time via SMS
  • Uber-like delivery tracking
  • Demand predictor
  • Integrations with services most businesses are already using
  • Add multiple locations/zones so drivers can stick to a certain zone for a shift. Perfect for rapid scale, franchise and/or decentralised warehouse delivery models like Instacart.comLiquorun.comPostmates.com
  • Demand heat map of your locations (great feedback for local marketing efforts or room for improvements)
  • Real-time job predictor for your drivers and where to position themselves
  • The system sends SMS notifications to your customers: order received, order accepted by driver, order picked up by driver, order completed, feedback SMS to encourage a 5 star rating which then averages out so a driver will know what his rating out of 5.0 is. Helps to maintain the quality of drivers and also if they are paid on commission then they strive to keep it at 5.0 as jobs can be prioritised (through our order assignment algorithm) to the highest rated drivers first
  • In-depth delivery reports on driver performance and ratings, driver deliveries (great for paying drivers each week), driver delivery speed, delivery areas, customer details, order history reporting
  • Database management
  • Manually or automatically have jobs assigned to drivers based on their proximity to pick up, direction he is heading, his performance to reward good drivers with priority, and his carrying capacity

If you are interested in improving your local delivery operations, we’d love to help so feel free to reach out to us today: contact us 

You can also try our software for free at getswift.co