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Real-time delivery tracking: A better logistics future

The Logistics industry in undergoing one of the biggest consumer trends in recent history and now consumer expectations in transport and logistics are rising. The need for more convenient and transparent transport and delivery services is one of the reasons Swift is growing so fast. Thanks to pioneers like Uber, Postmates, Lyft, Sidecar and Instacart it is now no longer acceptable to not provide real-time updates and tracking for on-demand deliveries. These technology companies understand the importance of on time delivery and delivery success. They are in the business of delivering on time and if they can’t do that then what is the point!

Gone are the days of a 16 digit tracking number and waiting on hold for 20 minutes with an operator. Companies who do not adjust to this shift in demand will lose market share. The great thing is, it is very affordable to adapt to new technologies and now it doesn’t make sense for a small start up or even a multi national to invest in a development team or build their own delivery tracking platform.

Today, communication is paramount for a successful delivery and a little bit of technology is currently missing from some of the largest logistics companies in the country. This is where small delivery businesses can develop competitive advantages and carve out shares in niche markets by offering a better service.

Real-time delivery Tracking the future of Logistics?

As mobile adoption rates increase, days are becoming limited to receiving delivery to a set address. The future of Swift will enable merchants to deliver to the GEOlocation of the customer 20 minutes before arrival time. If the customer stays within a standard deviation of that location then delivery will still be able to completed all while ensuring convenience for the customer and updated delivery routes for the delivery driver.

Imagine a world where you order something online at home and then go down the road to have a coffee with friends. Imagine a courier walking right up to you mid coffee and you sign for a delivery. This is the future of urban logistics!