GPS tracking at Dominos: Major driver to 2016 revenue and service growth

Delivery Enthusiasts!

Domino’s Pizza released their financial results on August 12th.

Click here for the full presentation

The key things to draw your attention to are below, with our comments in italic:


Page 16 of the presentation - “Following GPSDT (GPS Delivery Tracking) launch, we have seen a huge lift in net promoter scores, customer feedback, product quality and process ratings. Store margins have also increased with improved productivity, delivery counts and driver safety”

As a consumer, ask yourself what would now drive your decision to order delivery through Domino's or a close competitor: Speed? Convenience? Price? Real-time Order Tracking?

As a large service provider, Domino's are demonstrating through their KPI's and revenue growth that business has improved since introducing delivery tracking technology

Page 19 - “GPSDT will be one of the major drivers of sales in FY16. GPSDT to take our operational execution and customer service to new levels”

i.e. The huge Australian success story (share price, earnings growth) is putting it on the record that the main driver of growth in FY16 will be their GPS delivery system

Page 36 – Delivery guarantee 

They are now productising / premiumising their offer by incorporating service levels in delivery as a premium add-on product. i.e. the GPS system is now providing the potential for additional revenue which is effectively 100% margin!!!

I hope this has been of some value to you all.

This is the future of e-commerce logistics!