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Swift is fast becoming the logistics platform of choice for businesses globally, while Liquorun is put on hold

When was Swift founded? What are the names of all the co-founders? 

Swift was founder in 2013 by Joel Macdonald, Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, Rohan Bail and James Strauss


What prompted you to start Swift? 

Swift was created initially for our other company, Liquorun.com. At the time we were in desperate need to streamline our delivery dispatching to the closest driver and utilise the capacity in the area to ensure optimal task assignment and routing was executed automatically.

We also wanted to enable customers to track their delivery in real-time and send them alerts every step of the delivery journey to completely remove their "delivery anxiety" about where their order was but also to save us having to answer customer contact enquiries all day.

We built and implemented Swift to our Liquorun.com  operation and something amazing started happening. Customer contact enquiries dropped by 65% so our support/operations team could get more done during each shift. We noticed customer service feedback ratings increased by 40% with the new tracking map feature. Drivers for Liquorun were able to get 1.1 extra deliveries done per hour once we introduced the Swift smart dispatch and routing feature.

We saw so many efficiency gains at Liquorun after Swift was created that we then decided to make Swift a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) available to the public and www.getswift.co was created


Can you explain your service in greater detail? What market/s are you serving/targeting?

Swift makes it SUPER EASY for businesses to dispatch, track and manage their mobile workforce. 

Businesses who use Swift are small and large Food, Grocery, Floral, Transport, Courier, Ecommerce and Serviced based operators who have drivers, or specialists on the road and are looking to streamline their dispatching to these mobile workers, optimise routes and to reduce customer support overheads by sending their customers Uber-like tracking, mapping and job status alerts.

We also work with a number of start-ups in the transport, delivery, or serviced based space who have identified it doesn't make any sense to build their own fleet management or mobile workforce platforms for hundreds of thousands of dollars when they can use Swift for cents per transaction. On-demand massage, cannabis, alcohol, hangover drips, car/clothes washing, dry cleaning as well as on-demand delivery companies use Swift and from all parts of the world including AUS, NZ, US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Jordan, Dubai and South Africa

Why our users love Swift is that we don't require any integration with any third party software like a POS or ordering platform. We created a technical solution where any type of business can use Swift and automatically send their orders direct to Swift from the POS, ordering, management or e-commerce systems they are currently using and our proprietary tech streamlines everything without the business requiring any technical experience or a large integration budget. 


Have you raised capital?

Yes we have closed both a seed and angel round with investors following on in each round. We are about to open up another round where we will be meeting with a number of investors in the US and AUS within the next month to enable us to invest further into sales and engineering to support our growth


What's your monetisation model?

There are No upfront costs, No contracts and you pay as you go:

Pricing starts at $0.40 per job that is put through the Swift system and is tiered/discounted based on the volume or enterprise level of the company


What made you expand to the US? Who are your large US partners?

We have a number of US users: Grocery chains, pizza stores, alcohol delivery start ups, medical marijuana distributors, transport/courier services. 

We signed some large US partners early this year and we needed to set up an office to support the growth in the US


How did you get marijuana distributors on board? Did you approach them or did they find you?

  1. One of the companies we work with are the Uber for Medical Marijuana Delivery

  2. Another is a much larger network that acts as the distribution aggregator between local dispensaries in greater Los Angeles area. This is such a new and exciting space that a lot of these companies are looking for solutions like Swift without having to build their own delivery management tools

One found out about us online and made contact and another was recommended by word of mouth.


Can you explain in greater detail how they're using Swift? How do they feel about Swift? Has it systemised their operations?

They came to us as they were growing really fast and they wanted to streamline their dispatching, tracking and management processes right through to ensuring feedback from their customers was collected in real-time via Swift's SMS alert system. Three members on their team were spending all day manually assigning jobs to drivers via phone calls and SMSing their drivers and at the time had no visibility on their drivers or what the status was for each job. So not only did their customers have delivery anxiety but the company management had no control or visibility either over where all the drivers and jobs were in real-time which was highly unproductive. 

I am quite happy to say that since using Swift:

  • Customer enquiries reduced 57%

  • Delivery times reduced 24%

  • Maintenance costs reduced 39%

  • Driver routing efficiency increased 22%

  • Customer satisfaction feedback increased 46%

  • Driver performance increased 34%

  • Missed deliveries and waiting time decreased by 29%

  • We are also in early analysis of driver compensation claims and how Swift has created transparency and visibility for management to reduce compensation claims of workers


How have you found the Australian market? Was it harder to get cut through locally?

Since Domino's announced that GPS tracking was a major driver for revenue and service growth in their recent financial report a lot of retailers are identifying the importance in our technology and also don't want to spend 6-12 months in R&D when they can partner with Swift today for literally cents per transaction.

We are finding the larger sophisticated Australian operators understand the importance of our technology and how it can dramatically reduce costs, create efficiency gains in many segments of their business whilst we are seeing a smaller savvier subset of operators reach out to us who are trying to improve their operations whilst creating a superior user experience and competitive advantage in their respective markets.

The US market is a lot more mature and lean/efficient business models like Uber are raising awareness to what is now possible for any type of business to utilise similar technology and that is where Swift is positioned really strongly. We are becoming an important tool especially in the on-demand stack where it no longer makes sense for any business small or large to build their own tracking or management technology because it is cheap, easy and more efficient to use Swift


Are you able to reveal any growth figures/stats? User growth? Revenue growth? 

Without revealing exact numbers for competitive reasons we are growing an average of 14% week on week in revenue right now. Bane Hunter (who joined Swift to head up global growth and strategy this year), has been extremely influential in our current growth results and what I would consider a secret weapon of Swift thus far.


What plans lie ahead for Swift in the next 12 months? 

Right now we are highly focussed on scaling our customer acquisition strategy whilst improving the product and making it easier for anyone to implement within minutes.

A new round of funding will also be our focus starting next month and allow us to invest in our engineering and sales teams to support our growth.


Anything else you'd like to add?

We are currently rolling out a number of partnerships in Australia and the US: Two of Australia's big Pizza chains and one household name in the fast food space, one national online food ordering platform, three courier and delivery services, a national e-commerce grocery delivery service. Out of competitive respect for these brands I unfortunately can not name who they are unless they give us approval!