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Automated Dispatching


The GetSwift proprietary batching algorithm can automatically assign a driver based on: Distance, Smart Batch, Availability, Current Load Capacity, Direction, Best Performing Driver and more!

In your GetSwift settings - you can now select a manual or an automatic dispatching setting for every GetSwift merchant fleet account


dispatch settings.png

Notify all drivers: This setting will notify all online drivers if they are online or as soon as they become online

Expanding Proximity: This setting will notify drivers who are available and not busy and are within 1km/1mile first, then after 30 seconds notifies all drivers who are within 2km/2mile radius and it keeps expanding every 1km/1mile every 30 seconds until it hits your limit or until a driver accepts the job

Smart Notifications: This setting is similar to expanding proximity but what it also does is reward the best drivers with the ability to see and accept a job before a driver who is a worse driver can see and accept the job. Smart Notifications gives a driver a 25 second delayed notify penalty if they have a worse rating out of 5 stars compared to the other driver who is within the same distance from the job. So the best performing drivers will get the benefit of being able to see and accept jobs 25 seconds in advance compared to the worse rated driver

Manually Notify: This setting allows you to manually notify / assign the driver from the map

Notify Specific Driver: This setting allows you select a driver before you add/submit the new job

We have a number of other proprietary dispatching options for specific use cases like: food delivery, liquor distribution, unique skillset allocation and more!

Enquire today about setting up a dispatching option specific for your business rules