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SMS Auto Reply Message

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If your customer replies to your SMS alerts then you can set up a customized auto reply to send back to them so they don't get forgotten about:


"Thanks for your message. We do not monitor this inbox and so if you could kindly email us at info@yourcompany.com we will take care of you!"

When a customer replies to your SMS you will also get notified via email that they replied so you can take care of them immediately:

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Public Booking Form (White Labelled)

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You might deliver for the same regular customers each week and you just need a simple way for them to book new delivery requests with your business.

Well now you can invite them to use your public booking form for them to easily log in and place delivery requests with your company.

Once your client fills out the form and submits the booking the new task will then instantly appear in your GetSwift map to dispatch and manage.

Live ETAs & ETA predictor (For Customer)

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Your customers will have a live map to track their deliveries and view the real-time ETA of the driver.

This tracking map will also have your company logo appear when you upload your logo in your merchant settings

You can also go to your alerts settings and customize an SMS alert message with a delivery ETA tagged in it:

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Here is what it looks like when sent to a customer:

(ask us how to show your business name as the SMS sender. Only available in select countries)



Contact us here if you have trouble configuring these settings

Real-time Tracking and Alerts


Provide a superior delivery experience over your competitors. By offering live tracking and real-time status alert updates you will instantly build deeper trust and satisfaction with your customers. They will return to purchase more and purchase more often!

By adding tracking and real-time alerts we have seen GetSwift businesses increase their customer retention by 31% and increase their order sizes by 12%!