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Red Rooster

Food & Restaurant Delivery


  • One of Australia’s largest fast-food chains.

  • Started home delivery in 2014.

  • Added GetSwift features such as live driver tracking, automated routing, customer data reporting to increase accountability and decrease delivery times. 

  • In about one year, average delivery times fell drastically to around 25 minutes. 

  • Today, Red Rooster is the #1 self delivery fast-food company in Australia outside of pizza


Launch GetSwift’s platform across 200+ restaurants and turn driver and customer data into results

In 2015, the Australian fast-food company Red Rooster embarked on a new journey: The chain, which had only been drive-thru and dine-in, began doing home delivery. But by 2017, they noticed some major shortcomings of their home-grown system: although the team could dispatch orders to drivers, and could see what customers were ordering, that’s about the only visibility they had. They had visibility of driver location, they couldn’t measure driver performance, had no easy way of aggregating KPIs like delivery times, and no meaningful customer data to measure results. In other words, they were flying blind. 

So, Red Rooster decided to transform its delivery management platform by hiring GetSwift. It would be a major challenge to implement a smart logistics platform across its 200+ franchises, not all of which were equally accustomed to managing home delivery, but GetSwift offered support every step of the way. “They were very good at taking suggestions on board,” said Shannon Toms, Red Rooster’s National Operations and Delivery Manager. Plus, “The GetSwift interface is easy to use so that made the implementation simpler,” Toms said.


An automated, hands-off delivery system with full tracking and reporting

Red Rooster needed to reduce the time it took to dispatch orders, slash overall delivery times, and increase driver accountability. GetSwift offered a step-by-step plan and it revolved around implementing full visibility and tracking and lots of customer data reporting.

The solutions with the biggest impact included Geofencing, which meant Red Rooster’s drivers no longer had to remember to tap their phones to tell the platform where they were. It all became hands-off, saving time and providing more accurate locational data. 

GetSwift provided Real-Time Customer Feedback via automated SMS surveys, allowing Rooster to collect 2,000 pieces of customer feedback every week. They also helped Optimize Routes not only with GetSwift’s routing algorithm but also by consolidating each store’s delivery zones to reduce trip distances and increase delivery speed. Finally, GetSwift provided Centralized Data Reporting on metrics like time-to-dispatch, average delivery times, deliveries that took too long, and more.

Armed with all this data, Red Rooster could start identifying any chokepoints and home in on how to improve. It wouldn’t take long to see results.


Speed, Efficiency & Growth

From Summer 2017 to Summer 2018, every month, Red Rooster’s KPIs improved. Here are some of the final numbers: Average delivery time decreased from more than 45 minutes to just above 25 minutes. The percentage of orders delivered in under 30 minutes increased from about 50% to 70%. Distance traveled per-order fell from 5 ½ kilometers to just over 3 ½ kilometers, a testament to consolidating delivery zones and more efficient routing. 

Not only have the delivery KPIs improved, but so has order size and frequency, the number of repeat customers, and, of course, revenue.

“When you do get five minutes faster, we see more customers coming back more often,” Toms said. “Delivery is definitely the growth engine over the past three to four years,” he said.

Most importantly, the overall business has grown rapidly. Red Rooster now has more than 300+ restaurants and, outside of pizza, is the #1 home delivery fast-food company in Australia.

”Delivery is definitely the growth engine over the past three to four years.”

-Shannon Toms, Red Rooster’s National Operations and Delivery Manager.

THE Numbers

  • 42% Decrease in average delivery time

  • 26 Minutes for an average delivery

  • 33% Decrease in average distance traveled per-order 



Construction Supply


During the daily 6am truck loading, AllFasteners USA LLC was once consumed by piles of paperwork and a scramble to match orders with drivers bound for constructions sites across New York City. The dispatcher could easily become overwhelmed. But after adopting GetSwift’s SaaS platform two years ago to handle last-mile delivery logistics, the company has been able to focus on growth. 

“GetSwift allows the dispatcher to handle much more,” says Vern McGregor, Branch Manager, New York and New Jersey, at AllFasteners. “We were able to expand delivery capacity by 60% a day.” 

“GetSwift’s Saas Platform Helped Us Grow 25% with One Less Worry”

AllFasteners supplies construction sites with a range of fastening equipment from nuts to bolts to drillbits, often on a last-minute basis. With some customers working on high-profile projects such Hudson Yards in west Manhattan, demands are urgent and hard to predict. That creates a need for careful organization of orders on its fleet of delivery trucks that’s cumbersome and fraught with human error when handled manually. 

“Our branch was up 15% last year and sales are 25% higher so far this year,” Mr. McGregor says. “GetSwift gives us one less thing to worry about.”

One feature that stood out from the competition was the ability for a dispatcher to track orders once they were on their way. “We had used another platform but the tracking capability just didn’t work as well,” he says. “It would get stuck.”

On the delivery end, GetSwift also makes it easier for drivers to find the right person on hectic construction sites. “The driver will have a phone number right inside the GetSwift app to call or text,” he says. “It’s really important to reach the right person when you arrive.”

AllFasteners uses GetSwift in New York City along with other locations across the country including Ohio, Los Angelse, and Minneapolis.

Pure Water Specialists

Water Distributor



PWS specialises in delivering both Pure and Alkaline water in BPA free bottles right across the Hunter Valley as well as all water filtration systems, water coolers and replacement cartridges. They came to GetSwift looking for a more convenient and simple delivery and management tool so they could save time and in return use it to grow the business. There used to be many times where jobs would be forgotten and so the same delivery area was being done several times a week and these huge inefficiencies were becoming a huge burden and adding up quickly! The company began realising how much time and money they were wasting.



  • Ability to input a new delivery request as soon as a phone call comes in

  • Ability to track drivers in real time

  • Wanted to track all current and previous deliveries

  • To search all of our job history as far back as required



  • Missed deliveries have been reduced to almost zero

  • 100% of our jobs are now dispatched via Swift

  • Delivery times have been drastically reduced whilst delivering more

  • Greater customer satisfaction : )



  • “So simple, yet works so well for us!”

  • “Our customers are much happier with the service because they and we know exactly when we will be there with their order!”

  • “Whenever you’re not sure of something, the Swift team are always there for support!”

Flowers a Bunch

Florist / Flower Delivery



Local florist, Georgina Abdulnour runs Flowers A Bunch who service the regional area outside of Sydney, NSW. Georgina came to GetSwift looking for a simple and easy delivery dispatching and management tool so she could focus more on serving her customers and growing the business. There were also too many occasions where customers were not home and redelivery became an unavoidable cost to her service. Floral delivery can be tricky when 60% of deliveries are gifts and the receiver doesn't actually know they are getting flowers.



  • Desperately needed a way to reduce missed deliveries

  • Reduce time spent on allocating tasks to drivers

  • Wanted to track all current and previous deliveries

  • Wanted to get an understanding where the most popular areas were so they could measure localised marketing





  • “We love how simple yet powerful the GetSwift software is"

  • "This should be an important tool for any business looking to run an efficient and profitable delivery operation"

  • "Our business can be very cyclical, some weeks we are busy and others we are quiet, so the pay-as-you-go transactional pricing model is great and helps us manage our costs each week"

  • "Whenever a customer rings the shop, they are usually calling to say how good our service is and no more customers are calling up to enquire about delivery which means we can serve more customers in store and do what we do best!"

Best Deliveries

Express Courier



Best deliveries is a B2B express courier company in the Los Angeles greater area and have been operating for many years. Their business service is an on-demand responsive courier service, with customers requesting express deliveries when they need it. Prior to using GetSwift, Best Deliveries used the old school way or text message, whatsapp and telephone calls to find the nearest driver and dispatch to them. The company came to GetSwift as they were growing fast and needed to implement and stabilize the infrastructure and the technology requirements to ensure their response and delivery times were reliable and to ensure their market position remained secure.



  • Eliminate the dispatcher - an automated way to dispatch on-demand bookings to the closest courier

  • A quick way for their clients to place bookings - an easy booking portal where the customer had the ability to log in and request their own pick-ups and deliveries

  • Real-time Operator Map - to help us track every driver and delivery in real-time

  • iOS and Android Courier Apps - It would have the ability to send jobs to riders via their smartphones

  • Job History - an easy way to search & download previous bookings for weekly invoicing and job reconciliation

  • Seamless Integration with online ordering platforms (Grubhub, Eat24 and Seamless)



  • Revenue and capacity has been increased across the fleet and they can are now taking on a huge 28% more bookings

  • Customer enquiries and complaints have decreased thanks to the live delivery tracking sent to the customer and business

  • Best Deliveries has been able to simplify their operation: no more paper printouts, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Phone calls and two way radios are needed

  • Drivers are now delivering more in less time

  • Less time is wasted in verbally passing along information to driver, business and customer

  • Fewer late deliveries have also resulted in higher levels of customer satisfaction (this is monitored via order complete SMS alert)

  • Best Deliveries can see in real-time when deliveries are due and can now manage jobs easily and from one central location

  • Fewer order mistakes are being made thanks to delivery information and prompts in the admin dashboard and driver apps


  • “We faced many frustrations before we started using GetSwift; a lot of our drivers would lie to us about their location and had no accountability and way for us to measure performance"

  • "Now we have a visual and automated way to dispatch smarter to our drivers in real-time and their capacity per hour has increased as a result of the amazing dispatching feature on GetSwift"

  • "We had full time staff dispatching and managing phone calls, text messages, emails and it was completely inefficient and expensive to the business. GetSwift enabled us to cut a huge amount of costs and increase efficiencies and performance across the whole operation"

  • "We never received real-time feedback from our customers. It was only when they would call and ask about the status of a delivery and when something went wrong. Now GetSwift sends SMS and real-time branded track and trace of the driver on a map and not only have customer enquiries decreased, but satisfaction on our service has increased as a result of offering a more end-to-end transparent delivery experience that not a lot of delivery businesses offer"

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