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HERB Scales Up, Makes Cannabis Delivery A Pleasure

Cannabis Delivery 


Make Cannabis Delivery Fast & Convenient At Scale

When Bobby founded HERB, which he wanted to radically change the notion of user experience when purchasing cannabis products. Around 2014, when cannabis delivery was still operating in the shadows, Bobby and his co-founder had a vision give cannabis users the kind of open, easy and convenient customer experience they’d get when buying a cup of coffee.

Early on, HERB managed to dispatch to their drivers the old-fashioned way, with a text message. But as they scaled up, Bobby realized that wasn’t going to work.

“As we began to scale, dispatching and routing became a really complex thing to do,” Bobby said, adding that in Los Angeles it can be a challenge to physically get across the city. HERB needed a way to scale up while “keeping all the information straight, keeping the routes straight, and ensuring that everything is going as planned,” Bobby said.


Real-Time Tracking, Customer Alerts, Adaptability, Customer Service

GetSwift offered a complete suite of solutions. In addition to automatic dispatching and optimized routing, real-time tracking was a huge win, especially for customers. One customer raved:

“HERB is the best service. I’ve used them for over two years now. They allow credit cards upon delivery and they use a convenient app to track your order!”

Bobby also loves how GetSwift’s team continues to support him by helping him optimize the platform. GetSwift is uniquely flexible, which is important in an industry that’s still in flux and has its own particular rules and regulations. 

“The platform is built in a way that it’s easily customizable, so if you need to add or delete fields, if you want to go automatic dispatch as opposed to manual dispatch, you can do all of those things…It’s very open source,” Bobby said. And the fact that he can call GetSwift’s team if a problem arises and quickly get an answer has been a big help too, he added.


Speed and Customer Joy

While you could measure HERB’s results with any number of factors—from repeat customers to average order size to revenue growth—you really don’t have to look any further than average delivery times and customer happiness.

Indeed, HERB’s speed is a pillar of its brand, and they promise they’ll arrive within 15 to 45 minutes. One customer wrote: “They always arrive in like 30 minutes or less! Fastest of all the deliveries! They are super professional and each delivery comes in a cute little package with info on your product.”

All the success has led Bobby and team to continue to dream big.

“Our primary goal is maintaining our status as the best delivery platform in the state and hopefully we’ll be able to expand nationally and worldwide at some point,” Bobby said. 

At a Glance

HERB sought to radically change the delivery experience of cannabis products

As they grew, they needed a logistics management platform to keep track of growing routes, drivers, customers

The co-founder relies on GetSwift’s adaptability, fast support, and reliability

HERB, already known excellent customer service and fast delivery, is eyeing further expansion

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