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Mobi2Go makes online ordering for your restaurant really simple. Mobi2Go takes the hard work out of setting up online ordering and integrates with your existing POS solution. Get setup up in minutes – no expertise required. Embed into your website or use their free hosting service.

The GetSwift integration with Mobi2Go now allows you to send new delivery orders that are placed on your Mobi2Go website and have them sent instantly to your GetSwift Account

Mobi2Go is designed to increase revenue, reduce in-store wait time, gain brand loyalty, and improve overall customer experience. It's easy-to-use technology seamlessly integrates with your current website and operating system, which allows you to have complete ownership of your company’s brand. After an easy setup, your customers will be able to order online, through your white-labelled app, or order on Facebook with the Mobi2Go social media integration.

If you are a restaurant/retail chain and looking to take online orders directly from your website then you should check out Mobi2Go's platform. 

Every delivery order that is placed via your Mobi2Go website will go straight to your GetSwift account.

To get started with online ordering with Mobi2Go and delivery management with GetSwift, it’s simple:

Create an account with Mobi2Go, then send the API Key that you generated from your GetSwift account to the Mobi2Go Support Team (support@mobi2go.com), along with your store name in Mobi2Go, and they’ll be in touch to confirm once the connection has been made to your GetSwift account and you are then good to go!

If you have any questions then please let us know how we can assist