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Shopify is an ecommerce platform that enables you to build a successful online business & website. Once you create your Shopify account you can begin setting up product catalogues & menus and start selling online.

The GetSwift integration with Shopify now helps you not only process orders for delivery on your Shopify account but now allows those orders to be sent instantly to your GetSwift account so you can start dispatching, tracking and managing the deliveries to be fulfilled out in the field!

Take a look at the instructions below to get started or contact us for additional help.


Here is how you integrate Shopify and GetSwift:


Step 1.

Create a saved pick up template on your GetSwift account


input <your shopify merchant name> in the very last field


Step 2.

Go to your GetSwift settings > advanced options

In the second last field called "Email orders will be sent from"

Add the email address that you will receive your shopify order notification emails from

Then click "update"


Step 3.

Go to your shopify admin > settings > notifications > templates (press new order)

delete the content of this order email and replace it with the below text:

Hello {{ shop_name }},

{% if customer.name %}{{ customer.name }}{% else %}Someone{% endif %} placed a new order with your store:

{% for line in line_items %} {{ line.quantity }}x {{line.title }} = {{line.line_price | money_with_currency }}

{% endfor %}
Subtotal: {{ subtotal_price | money_with_currency  }}
Delivery: {{ shipping_price | money_with_currency  }}
Total Price: {{ total_price | money_with_currency  }}
{% if fulfillment_aborted %}

The order listed above was not automatically filled as it was marked by fraud risk.
{% endif %}
{% if has_high_risks? %}

Security Check:
This order may be fraudulent. Check order in the administration section of your store and contact the customer to verify their information.
{% endif %}

Payment processing method:  {{ gateway }}

{% if requires_shipping and shipping_address %} 
Delivery Method: {% for shipping_method in shipping_methods %} {{ shipping_method.title }}
{% endfor %}

Shipping Details:
Date: {{ date | date: "%b %d %I:%M%p" }}
Order Number: {{ order_number }}
Name: {{ customer.name }}
Street: {{ shipping_address.street }}
City: {{ shipping_address.city }}, {{ shipping_address.province }}  {{ shipping_address.zip }}
Country: {{ shipping_address.country }}
Phone: {{ shipping_address.phone }}
Email: {{ email }}

Delivery Notes: {{ note }}
{% endif %}

Then hit "save"


Step 4.

Go to your shopify admin page > click on settings > click on notifications > go down to click "add an order notification" > add import@getswift.co to be notified of all new orders > click save


Step 5.

Create a new test order in your shopify store

Make sure the test order has shipping and the customer details have shipping address otherwise it won't work


Step 6.

The order should then appear in your GetSwift account and map within 30 seconds and be sent to drivers depending on your driver notify settings in GetSwift

BOOM - how good does that feel now?