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Email Parsing with Parseur


Need to connect a platform or website to GetSwift so order flows automatically?

Well we have an option for you and it is through one of our partners: Parseur.com

Parseur is great if you don’t have the luxury of hiring developers and you want to connect your deliveries directly from your website to your GetSwift account. 

Basically you can turn your order emails from your website into actual delivery jobs into GetSwift easily and automatically!

Here is how you can set this up (you can also take a look at Parseur's own setup support article)

1. Sign up here https://app.getswift.co/Account/Login if you do not have a GetSwift merchant account yet

pasted image 0.png


2. Login to your GetSwift account then generate your API key here https://app.getswift.co/Merchant/APISettings and make sure that it is active

. Create a Parseur account and a new parser, more information here https://parseur.com/how-to/send-delivery-order-emails-to-getswift/


4. Setup your GetSwift API on Parseur

pasted image 0 (3).png


5. Send your first email to the Parseur inbox

pasted image 0 (4).png


. Parseur will let you create a new template from it


. Start creating the fields by selecting the data and giving it a name that matches the GetSwift API. 

Here are the GetSwift API fields

Pickup Details:

  • pickupName
  • pickupDescription
  • pickupAddress
  • pickupPhone
  • pickupEmail

Drop off Details:

  • dropoffName
  • dropoffDescription
  • dropoffAddress
  • dropoffPhone
  • dropoffEmail

Order Details:

  • reference
  • deliveryInstructions



8. Setup the proper fields

. Click Create to save the template and to start processing your order


0. A delivery job is created in GetSwift

pasted image 0 (8).png


11. You can now configure your system to automatically forward / send email orders to your Parseur inbox.