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Cloud Network Engineer

Tampa - Full Time

GetSwift develops cloud-based delivery management software for real-time route optimization and tracking in a smart, simple interface which is used in over 60 countries, 600 cities and in 60+ verticals.

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow it’s clouds’ illusions I recall…

People are always telling you “Get your head out of the clouds” but that’s exactly why we want you! You love the calm blue of Azure, the thrilling lightning of AWS, and you’ve climbed the mountain to speak directly to the Oracle.

You know all the providers and their strengths and weaknesses. We are multi-cloud. You are too.


The Cloud Network Engineer builds, configures and maintains all network connectivity for the applications, offices, and developers worldwide.


● Builds, manages, and maintains all the multi-cloud and multi-region connectivity between clouds and regions for monitoring and deployment across cloud platforms.

● Manages the infrastructure to connect the developers to the cloud (via virtual machines)

● Manages the infrastructure to connect the worldwide development centers to each other and the delivery centers

● Manages the network connectivity and latency of the applications


A bachelor’s degree in CIS or equivalent experience with or 4 years of experience in network engineering to include:

● Fiber and ethernet routing

● Multi-cloud, multi-region high availability applications

● Multinational development centers

● Virtual machines

● Hands-on knowledge of Linux operating systems

● Strong understanding of SDN/Virtualization concepts

● Experience with CMP (Container Management Platform) such as Kubernetes, Mesos or Docker and the supporting markup languages: JSON, YAML, XML

Must possess a detailed understanding of programming patterns and have a solid understanding of Linux, Unix, MacOS, and Microsoft

To apply, please send resumes to talent@getswift.co

GetSwift Logistics is an Equal Opportunity Employer