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Business Analyst - 3 Open Roles

Melbourne, Australia and US locations - Denver, Colorado and Tampa, Florida

GetSwift develops cloud-based delivery management software for real-time route optimization and tracking in a smart, simple interface which is used in over 60 countries, 600 cities and in 60+ verticals.

Job Description

We are looking for talented & technically savvy Business Analysts that are equally comfortably talking technology solutions with developers as they listening attentively to our clients. They will serve as leaders with deep knowledge of design, implementation, and support of complex enterprise environments, forming vital bridges between the business, client executives & IT.


• Identify the involved stakeholders by either getting the stakeholders list from the initial stakeholders or conducting a study to analyze who all will be involved/affected by the project. Sometimes, a combination of both these techniques may also be used.

• Gather requirements from the key stakeholders by using requirement elicitation techniques like brainstorming, requirement workshops, focus groups and others.

• Validate requirements by cross-referencing then with other stakeholders and try to get a buy in. It’s important to achieve a consensus against the requirements before actually start building the solution.

• Analyze and interpret requirements for their viability against the business objective. The last thing any client will want is ‘a fully functional product/service that is not able to solve the problem the project was built for’.

• Recommend workarounds, value additions and remove solution bottlenecks for the stakeholders. Since a Business Requirements Analyst is having knowledge of both business and technology, he is able to propose solutions other might not think of.

• Document requirements by creating use cases, functional and requirement specifications documents. Also, categorize requirements as functional (contains the features required by the end-users), non-functional (requirements for the performance and usability of the project) operational (operations that are carried out in the background) and technical and accordingly segregate them in different types of documents.

• Prototype and model requirements – An important step towards letting the end users ‘feel’ what they might get at the end of the project completion. Also, prototyping aids in solution verification, error identification and getting an early feedback regarding the user interface of the project.

• Gain requirements sign-off from the key stakeholders by making sure all of them are on the same level of understanding against the requirements and then getting a written approval from them on the requirements to be developed.

• Overall, be the Requirement Gatekeeper and validate any new requirement for their effect and impact on the existing requirement set of the project.

• Aid in development and testing of the product – Business Requirements Analysts are frequently seen doing the unit testing of the features of their projects and are also assisting the testing team in test case preparation.

• Prepare end user documentation/manuals – An optional task which the Business Requirements Analyst may have to do in case a formal Technical Writer is not available

Qualifications, Strengths, and Skills

This position requires strong analytical skills involving complex information. Must have strong problem-solving skills to identify root causes and implement problem solutions. Must have strong verbal and written communications to interact with all levels of personnel, both technical and non-technical. Also must possess the following skills:

• Analysis skills

• Visualization and prototyping skills

• Good command over spoken and written communication

• Elicitation and interviewing skills

• Problem solving and analytical thinking

• Facilitation and observational skills

• Business structure knowledge

• Process modeling skills

• Interpersonal skills

A bachelor’s degree in MIS/Business and a working history of writing requirements for international enterprise development projects.

Must have a strong track record of delivering enterprise solutions to public for FinTech or other highly visible public companies, with ability to execute developing business requirements within an SDLC, Agile, and/or process improvement team.

• 2+ years using open source or commercial Agile/Project/BA tooling

• 2+ years working projects in an agile methodology

• 2+ years business management

Must be able to execute gathering and writing business requirements for enterprise project and process improvement functions for the tactical delivery of complex, mission-critical IT projects. Must be able to work closely with all management levels, key company staff and customers. Must have an aptitude for understanding business trends to develop timely, effective IT process and controls. Must be willing to travel up to 20%. Veterans are encouraged to apply. Security clearance preferred.


Please include any salary requirements with your application.

To apply, please send resumes to talent@getswift.co

GetSwift Logistics is an Equal Opportunity Employer