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Billing Settings & Management


Account Balance

Your current account balance is shown in the first line on the Billing Page


Your account balance will be drawn down with each task entered into the GetSwift system. There is also a charge for sending SMS alerts to your customer that varies by country.  

For a list the actual tasks you were charged for, please download the “Payments and Transactions” report, which you can find more about here.

If you do not have enough money in your account for a task, then you may see a warning (shown on the right)  when you try to add a new task. Any tasks posted using the API will also be rejected.

Add a Credit Card to your account for the First Time

Step 1

On the "Add Credit" page, click on “Add a card to your account” button


Step 2

Enter your credit card number, CVC, and expiration date and click “Add Payment Card”

  • Note: Only your personal account (logging in with your email and password) will have access to use your credit card. If you have other users who have access to the same merchant account, they will not be able to see or use your stored credit card

Add Money to your GetSwift Account

Step 1

On the “Add Credit” page, enter the amount in USD you would like to add to your GetSwift account

Step 2

Click the “Add Credit” button. You will receive an email receipt of your payment

  • Note: You are required to add a minimum of $30 USD to your account with each top-up

  • Note: GetSwift will charge your account in USD and you may incur a currency conversion fee from your credit card provider

Change your Stored Credit Card Information

Step 1

On the “Add Credit” page, click on your name (yellow highlight in screenshot below)


Step 2

The current stored credit card will be shown, along with an option to replace the current stored


Auto Recharge

To set up your credit card automatically be charged when your account balance runs low:

Step 1

On the “Auto Recharge” page, click on the “Auto-recharge enabled” checkbox (yellow highlight in screenshot below)

Step 2

Set the trigger for the automatic recharge, using the dropdown box labeled “If balance falls below”.

Step 3

Set the amount of money in USD you want to have added to the account each recharge.

  • Note: If you have not stored a credit card in our system, you will need to add one before you can set up auto recharge

  • Note: In the example shown below, GetSwift will add $30 USD using your credit card soon as your account balance falls below $5 USD

Payment History

The payment history provides you with overview of the credit card payments for your GetSwift account, including the date, time and amount of the charge. You can click on the “Email Invoice” link to have another invoice emailed to you for a particular payment.  You can also download the “Payments and Transactions” report for more precise detail, which you can find more about here.


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