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Multi-Branch Businesses

If you have multiple businesses organized in a hierarchical structure, GetSwift has a simple way for you to manage all of your businesses together. To enable this feature, please contact GetSwift directly.

Hierarchy Structure

  • Organization: overarching business of a multi-branch business
  • Team: a way to group a set of merchants together
  • Merchant: your business, or in an Organization, this will be one individual location

In the example below, we have Headquarters managing 2 City Teams, with each City Team managing 2 individual restaurants.

Users Access

  • Analyst: Has read-only access to view reporting data for entire organisation.
  • Merchant Manager: Can manage specific teams that control groups of merchants within those teams. You can add and assign these managers to teams from the team management section.
  • Manager: Can do anything and has complete control over organisation including permission to maintain users, teams and merchants.
  • User:  The administrator or dispatcher within the merchant account that manages the web portal  interface.