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Live Tracking Map

GetSwift enables you to send automated SMS alerts with a live tracking map, allowing your customers to always be informed on where their order is. We also give you the ability to customize your SMS alert messages and upload your company logo so your customer has the full white labelled experience with your brand.

SMS alerts under 160 characters in length are free within the US and Canada. In US and Canada, SMS alerts over 160 characters are charged at USD $0.20 for every additional 160 characters in length. For SMS pricing in other countries, please contact us through the chat support for additional information.

Tracking Link.PNG

How to send a live order tracking map to your customers

Step 1: Go to the Alerts page in your GetSwift portal

Step 2: Go to the "Job en route" section. This will send an alert when a driver presses "On Way" button for a job.

Step 3: Choose which communication channel you want to use to alert your customer

  • SMS - text message will be sent
  • Email - email will be sent
  • Webhooks - alert will be sent to your website (please contact us to set this up)
  • SMS with Email Fallback - text message will be sent, but if it fails, then email will be sent
  • SMS + Email - both text message and email will be sent

Step 4: Edit the SMS message that will be sent to the customer and add the "trackingLink" tag to the SMS message

Step 5: Click the "Update" link on the edit box to save your changes


Step 6: If you are outside US and Canada, you can a display name for your SMS messages. Use the "SMS sender id" field to type in a max of 11 alphanumeric characters

  • This feature does not work in US and Canada and your messages will fail to send if this field is filled in

Step 7: Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. Now when your driver presses the "On Way" button on their driver app, an alert will be sent to customers!

  • Remember you need to click both "update" buttons in step 5 and 7


GetSwift Live Customer Tracking Map in Action