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Personalize your SMS Alerts

Tags allow you to personalize the SMS alert sent to your end-customer.  By clicking one of the the tags shown below when composing your custom message, you can include something like the Destination Contact Name, Tracking link, Feedback link, and much more.  This information is pulled directly from the specific task details each time.

For example, you can reference your customer by name every time you send an alert, or even notify them of the driver who accepted their order:

“Hi Estêvão, thank you for placing your order with HL Foods. Your driver Masahiro will be arriving between 17:30 - 18:00. Track your order https://app.getswift.co/Tracking/Map/V8V4mMcZ4UyJJVHFw6LslQ

Tips & Tricks


  • Dynamic content will make your character count vary

  • Dynamic content is added to your SMS messages through the “Tags

  • An example of dynamic content is {destination contact name}

    • Depending on the contact’s name - the character count will vary

      • Tom = 3 characters

      • Alexandra = 9 characters


  • If you are close to 160 characters and using Tags, consider shortening your message to avoid overage charges

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