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Dispatching Future Jobs

You can upload jobs to GetSwift in advance for future delivery dates and times. You can also customize how far in advance you would like job notifications to go out to your drivers. Depending on your business model, you may want to notify your drivers days or weeks before these future jobs. 

Set when your drivers get notified of future JOBS

  • Go to Settings → Show advanced settings → Minutes to notify drivers before pre-scheduled jobs

In the example below, drivers will get notified 90 minutes before the available pick-up time. If you want drivers to be notified 2 weeks before pickup time, you can enter 20160 minutes.

  • Please Note: If a pre-scheduled job is outside the notification window, the job will indicate FUTURE and  specifies when drivers will be notified (see screenshot below)
    • To manually dispatch a future job, please see further instructions here