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Dispatch to Drivers

There are 5 ways that the GetSwift system can send/notify new jobs to your drivers. You can select which method you would like to use in Settings New job driver notification method.

Notify All Drivers

Automatically notifies all online drivers, and offline drivers as soon as they become online

Manually Notify

User/Dispatcher will manually notify / assign the driver using the Map dashboard.

Smart Notifications

Automatically notifies drivers based on the following rules:

  • Driver closest to the pickup location

  • Driver most available (based on driver capacity)

  • Driver with the best driver rating

GetSwift will scan the area around the pickup location, notifying the best matched driver according to the above criteria. If the notified driver does not accept, the system will continue notifying the next matched driver, until a driver accepts the job.

Notify Specific Driver

User/Dispatcher assigns a driver as the job is being entered into the GetSwift system.

For advanced capabilities with this notification method, check out Driver Match Key to see how you can use this to automatically assign drivers via Batch Uploads or the API.

Expanding Proximity

Automatically notifies drivers who are within 1 mile/1 km of the pickup location (with available capacity and good driver ratings), for 25 seconds to accept the job. If no driver accepts, the system then notifies drivers within 2 miles/2 km of the pickup location for another 25 seconds, and it will keep notifying further out until a driver accepts the job or the job is manually assigned.

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