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Accepting a Job


New orders

As jobs become available, they will show up on the NEW ORDERS tab along the bottom of your app.

  • Please Note: Based on your company policy, they may choose to assign you jobs rather than allow you to accept jobs from the NEW list. In this case, assigned jobs will be automatically accepted and appear on the ACCEPTED tab of the application.


When you have been notified of an available job, it will show up in the NEW tab and is available to be accepted.  

To accept a job, click on the job to view the detailed job information. Now click ACCEPT JOB.

Once a job has been accepted, it will move from the NEW tab to the ACCEPTED tab.


Map View

Both the NEW and ACCEPTED tab have a map feature that will allow you to quickly view the Pickup and Destination addresses associated with available jobs.  To view the map, click the waypoint icon in the upper right corner of the application while on the NEW or ACCEPTED tab. While in the map view, you can select the job location pin to see details regarding that job.


  • To receive new jobs you must be online


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