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Driver App Actions

Required Actions for each Delivery Job

Once a driver profile is set up and the driver is online, they are ready to start receiving and delivering orders. Drivers are required to perform three essential actions for each order that is allocated to them:

1) Accept Job

This assigns the job to that specific driver and tells the manager that that driver will complete the delivery.

Accept Job

2) On Way / Start

The driver selects this when they are ready to leave the store on the way to the end customer.

On Way / Start to the end customer

3) Complete Order

The driver select this when the deliver the order and the manager will no longer see the job in the map (note: this order is then archived for reporting)

Complete Order / Proof of Delivery

Addition App Actions:


At any time, you can easily bring up navigation to the pickup or destination locations associated with a job.  This is done by selecting the job from either the NEW or ACCEPTED tab, and then selecting DIRECTIONS TO PICKUP or DIRECTION TO DROPOFF.

You will be prompted to select the navigation application of your choice.  Upon doing so will open the navigation app, and automatically bring up the route & directions associated with the location.

If you are on your way to the drop off location, make sure you have click ON WAY / START!


You can easily contact the Pickup or Drop Off Contact associated with a job (assuming that the customer has left their phone number while placing the order).  This is done through the detailed Job view.

Select CALL or SMS to contact the customer by calling or sending a text message.

Abandoning A Job

If you are not able to complete a job that you have accepted or been assigned, you will want to ‘Abandon’ that job.  Abandoning a job will release that job from you, allowing it to be reassigned or accepted by another driver.

You can abandon a job by pressing the ABANDON button in the detailed job view within the ACCEPTED tab.

Abandoning a Job

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