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Starting a Job




start / On Way

After you have completed the pickup and are ready to start heading to the job destination, you should select ON WAY / START on the detailed job view.  You can reach this view by selecting the job from the ACCEPTED tab.

Please keep in mind that once you select ON WAY / START, your employer and customer will be notified and able to track your position and associated ETA to job destination.

Once you have selected ON WAY for a job, the icon in the accepted job list will change as well.  This is an indicator to remind you which jobs you are currently En Route for, and which jobs you have yet to select ‘ON WAY / START’.

Contacting the Customer

You can easily contact the customer associated with a job (assuming that the customer has left their phone number while placing the order).  This is done through the detailed Job view. Select CALL or SMS to contact the customer by calling or sending a text message.