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I drive for Best Deliveries

I drive for Best Deliveries and have a question about:

  • when will I be approved to drive
  • where to drive
  • how many orders I am getting
  • how do I get paid
  • how do I report my taxes
  • where do I upload my insurance, license and registration
  • how do I get a pex-card?
  • or other similar topics…

GetSwift is a software company that provides delivery management to Best Deliveries. If you have questions about the topics listed above, please have a look at their online driver FAQ. If you still have further questions, please contact Best Deliveries via email at or text 818-297-4005.

If you have other questions about technical usage of the app, please read through the rest of the FAQ, look through our driver support guides, or contact our tech chat support using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the GetSwift website.