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Am I in the right place?

Merchant Account Dashboard

I am a driver and after logging into the GetSwift website, I see options for me to look at maps and reports, add payment information. Is this correct?

NO! Looks like you’ve added a merchant (business) account in error. These settings do not affect you as a driver and you cannot be directly paid through GetSwift.

Contact us

to remove your merchant account and properly set up your driver account

Merchant Account Map

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  • Better understand the GetSwift flow:



GetSwift is a software company that provides delivery management to companies. Businesses employ their own drivers and they use our software to link their jobs with their own drivers.

GetSwift does not:

  • Employ drivers

  • Maintain a job vacancy board

  • Provide work for independent drivers not associated with a company

The GetSwift Driver app will not work (you will not receive jobs) if you are not approved by an employer who is using our software, please do not sign up for the free GetSwift trial offered.

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