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How do I get started?

GetSwift is a software company that provides delivery management to companies. Businesses employ their own drivers, and they use our software to link their jobs with their own drivers.

GetSwift does not:

  • Employ drivers
  • Maintain a job vacancy board
  • Provide work for independent drivers not associated with a company

The GetSwift Driver app will not work (you will not receive jobs) if you are not approved by an employer who is using our software, please do not sign up for the free GetSwift trial offered.

Once a business has invited you to drive for them through a link, please follow the steps below. If your account username and password has been provided to you by your employer, please skip to Step 3.

STEP 1: Click on the link provided by your employer

STEP 2: Set up your profile with your name, email, phone number and other details

STEP 3: Download the GetSwift Driver app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

STEP 4: Login to the app using your username and password.

STEP 5: Configure your notification and location to the optimal settings


For Android phones:

  • Do not activate power saving mode
  • Click on Location Settings
    • Ensure that the ‘Locating Method’ setting is on ‘High accuracy’
    • Click into ‘Improve accuracy’ and check both options
  • Click on Notification Settings
    • Ensure the ‘Allow Notifications’ is on
    • Ensure that ‘Show silently’ is off 

For iOS phones:

  • Do not activate power saving mode
  • Click on Location settings and set it to ‘Always’
  • Click on Notifications and ensure that ‘Allow notifications’ and all other options below are turned on

STEP 6: Turn your GetSwift app online to receive orders

  • For iOS phones:
    • In the top right of your screen click "I'm Offline" to bring you to the Account page
    • Toggle the "I'm Offline" button to go online
  • For Android phones:
    • If your phone showing ‘Offline…Re-establish uplink’
    • Simply click on your ‘Profile’ tab and swipe the ‘toggle’ (a line with a circle) in the top right corner.

STEP 7: Learn how to use the GetSwift app through our driver support guides. You will learn how to accept, start, navigate to, capture proof of delivery, and complete jobs. You will also learn how to look back at past jobs you have already completed and edit your profile.


If you have other questions about technical usage of the app, please read through the driver FAQ, or contact our tech support using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the GetSwift website.