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Operating the Driver App

Navigating the GetSwift Driver App

Learn an overview of how to log online and navigate the app.


Go Online

You will need to GO ONLINE to be eligible to receive delivery jobs from your employer


Android users

  • Navigate to your PROFILE tab

  • Swipe the ‘toggle’ (a line with a circle) in the top right corner

iPhone users

  • Navigate to your ACCOUNT tab

  • Toggle the I’M OFFLINE button

Navigation Bar

Application Layout: The GetSwift Driver application is divided into four(4) main tabs; Profile, Archived, Accepted, New.  You can navigate between and return to these tabs at anytime using the navigation bar always found at the bottom of the page.


  • The profile tab contains useful information and links regarding your account


  • The archived tab contains detailed information about jobs that you have previously completed, abandoned and declined. This information will be held for 24 hours


  • The accepted tab contains a list of jobs that you have accepted or that have been assigned to you


  • The new tab contains jobs that have become available for you to accept


Delivery Essentials Actions

Drivers are required to perform three essential actions for each order that is allocated to them:

1. Accept Job

  • Assigns the job to you to complete the delivery

2. On Way / Start

  • Click when on on the way to the end customer

3. Complete Order

  • When the order is delivered click Complete so you are ready for you next!

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Disclaimer to Drivers

GetSwift is a software company that provides delivery management to companies. Businesses employ their own drivers, and they use our software to link their jobs with their own drivers.

GetSwift does not:

  • Employ drivers

  • Maintain a job vacancy board

  • Provide work for independent drivers not associated with a company

The GetSwift Driver app will not work (you will not receive jobs) if you are not approved by an employer who is using our software, please do not sign up for the free GetSwift trial offered.