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Driver Tracking Accuracy

GetSwift uses the geolocation services in the smartphone.  Different phones behave differently and we recommend that for optimum results, the Swift app remains open at all times while a driver is logged on for their shift.  This will prevent GPS driver locations becoming stagnant.

We have directly linked directions into the app so the driver does not need to use a separate GPS device as well as an automatic call button to call the store and the customer, straight from the app.

When the driver accepts a job, they can immediately click “Directions” in the app to show them the recommended Google route.

Please also note, Geolocation services use additional smartphone battery resources.  We encourage all drivers to start their shifts with a full battery charge to ensure battery life is strong.  To get the maximum out of smartphone battery life, we also recommend:

    •    Turning screen brightness down

    •    Closing other app’s not currently in use

    •    Having an in-car charger or bracket for mounting for directions

Location Settings:  To use the GetSwift Driver Application, you MUST turn on your devices GPS location settings:

  • Android - Set to ‘On’ and ‘High Accuracy’
  • iOS -  Set to ‘Always’
  • Note: If you do not turn on your location settings - the application will not work correctly for you