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API Integration


The GetSwift API V2 allows automated access to the GetSwift proprietary logistics platform. You can obtain quotes, book deliveries, track orders and view your order history via a simple RESTful interface

This document will explain the basics of using the API. For request and response examples click on the "Show JSON" links at the end of each section. For a more in-depth explanation of everything, please see the full technical documentation

Part 1: Generate and Activate your API Key

Step 1.1

Navigate to the Integration page

Step 1.2

  • Generate an API Key

Step 1.3

  • Select ‘API Key Active’

Step 1.4

  • Press Update and the bottom of the page

Part 2: Integrate via the API

To get started, below is an example of the simplest JSON needed to book a delivery on Swift. Send this object as a POST request (with the "Content-Type" header set to "application/json") to https://app.getswift.co/api/v2/deliveries using your merchant API key


   "apiKey": "MERCHANT_KEY",
       "pickupDetail": {
           "address": "57 luscombe st, brunswick, melbourne"
       "dropoffDetail": {
           "address": "105 collins st, 3000"


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