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Customer Booking Form

Booking Form to Enter JOBS

Enter jobs by inviting your customers to make quick booking requests with our built-in booking form. Note, your customer will need to be invited to create an account with GetSwift.

If you do not want your customers to create an account with GetSwift, our built-in booking form may not be right for you. We recommend that you explore an online form builder, such as Jotform or Typeform. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how to get those services set up.

Part 1: Setup the booking form

Step 1.1  

Step 1.2  

  • If you would like your booking form to be white-labeled with your business logo, upload an image of your logo as shown below

Step 1.3  

  • If you would like the customers to be able to generate a distance-based price quote for your service, then enter the pricing for the “base rate” (standard price regardless of distance)  and “price per mile/km” (additional amount charged based on distance).

Part 2: Invite your customers to create a GetSwift account

Step 2.1  

  • Navigate to the "Public Form" page by clicking on the “Menu” icon (𝝣) in the top right corner, followed by “Public Form” in the sidebar.

Step 2.2  

  • Enter the email address for each individual customers/accounts to send an invitation email for access to the form

Part 3: Customers can place an order using the form!

Step 3.1

  • After your customers have created an account with GetSwift, they will be book with your business

Step 3.2  

  • Once the customer submits a booking, the new task will be shown on your Map and Live Jobs page

Step 3.3  

  • If your customers need instructions on how to use the form, you can direct them here

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