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Email Importer

Email Importer to Enter Jobs

Did you know you can automatically send email orders directly into GetSwift  from any of the following platforms:

  • BigCommerce

  • Crust

  • DeliveryHero

  • Eat24

  • EatNow

  • GreenDoor

  • GroceryButler

  • GrubHub

  • MealJoy

  • MealLog

  • Wix store

  • WooCommerce

  • Shopify


Note:  If you do not see your ordering platform on here – not to worry, you have options:

  • You can still import emails through Parseur or Zapier

  • You can check here if we already have a direct connection

  • Have a developer that can do a direct API connection?

  • No developer? Inquire with GetSwift support to have us build an API integration for you

Part 1: Create a Template for each Separate Business

Step 1.1

Step 1.2 

  • Name your template the same as how  appears in the email, then press the "Enter" key on your keyboard

Step 1.3 

  • Uncheck “Pickup: Ask for pickup details”

Step 1.4 

  • Enter a pickup address and contact details

Step 1.5 

  • Input  in "Tag" field (the very last field)

Part 2: Configure You GetSwift Settings

Step 2.1 

  • Navigate to the "Settings" page, then click "Show advanced settings" to expand the page

Step 2.2 

  • Scroll down to "When sending orders to GetSwift via email", and add the email address that you will receive your email order notification emails from

Step 2.3 

  • Click "Update" when finished

Part 3: Setup Email Forwarding

Step 3.1 

  • In your email provider, click on “Settings” →  “Forwarding” → “Add a forwarding Address” and input “import@getswift.co”.

  • Note: The following instructions are for Gmail, if you are using other email providers, please consult their documentation for help. If you are having trouble with Gmail, please take a look at Google’s own documentation here


Step 3.2 

  • In your email provider click on “Forwarding” → “Create a filter” to automatically forward specific emails to "import@getswift.co"

Step 3.3 

  • Select the email filter criteria & push “create filter with this search”

Step 3.4 

Part 4: Final Steps

Step 4.1 

  • Contact GetSwift here to get your “confirmation code” to initiate the auto-forwarding

Step 4.2 

  • You're all ready! Once you confirmed the email forwarding, any future email from your ordering system will be automatically passed to GetSwift.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are having trouble with email forwarding, please contact your email provider for additional help

  • If you receive an email with an error message please contact us:


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