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There are 5 ways to manually enter a job into GetSwift:

  1. Simple form: Enter a single job by simply adding address and contact information
  2. Advanced form: Enter a single job with expanded details
  3. Templates: Enter a single job using a template, customized to your business details & process
  4. Batch upload: Enter multiple jobs by uploading a CSV spreadsheet into GetSwift
  5. Returns: Enter a single job to pickup items that have already been delivered and are now being returned by the customer

To read about how to enter jobs automatically into GetSwift, click here



Step 1: In your Reports → History section, find the jobs in which an item needs to be returned and click “Return Items”  

Step 2: Select Date / Time of Pick-up

Step 3: Select number of items being returned

*NOTE: To “Create Return” at least 1 item must be selected

Step 4: Add optional  instructions and push “Create Return” to automatically see a new task created on the Map!