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Why won't the CSV Batch upload?

Are you having trouble uploading your CSV file for a Batch Upload?

When doing a Batch Upload, all of your tasks must originate from the same pick-up point.  Therefore, you are forced to batch upload from a template that has a pick-up point.

Quick Guide to creating a Template with a Pick-Up point

  • Step 1: Click the + sign
  • Step 2: Navigate to the "Templates" page
  • Step 3:  Name your template
  • Step 4: Uncheck “Pickup: Ask for pickup details”
  • Step 5: Enter a pickup address and contact details
  • Step 6: Save!


  • All tasks in each CSV file must have the same pickup address. If you have multiple pickup addresses, you will need to create a separate template and CSV for each.
  • Detailed how-to guides on creating a template and doing a batch upload