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Why are my future jobs not showing up for my drivers?

Notification window determines when future jobs are dispatched

If a pre-scheduled job is outside the notification window, the job will indicate FUTURE and specifies when drivers will be notified:

In this example, this job will be visible in the driver's mobile app in 37 minutes.

Dispatch a Future Job Now!

If you want your drivers to be able to view future / pre-scheduled jobs immediately follow these steps:


Step 1

  • Click on the Job

  • Click Actions

  • Click Edit


Step 2

  • Change the pickup time to within the original “minute to notify” window or simply, put the time as the current time

  • Push Update


step 3

  • Now your job should no longer say “Future” in blue, indicating that it is available for a driver to receive

Tips and Tricks

update your settings your dispatch future jobs when you want

  • Ensure that the “Minutes to notify driver before pre-scheduled jobsetting is set up appropriately for your business model

  • For example, if you want drivers to be notified and jobs to be assigned 2 weeks before pickup time, you can enter 20160 minutes

  • Note: Modifications made to “Minutes to notify driver before pre-schedule job” will only affect new jobs entered after the change was saved in your Settings. Old jobs will continue to use the old notification time

  • You can also cancel the old jobs and then re-enter the job (ensuring that the Available / Pickup time is within the “Minutes to notify driver before pre-scheduled job” window)

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