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Why are my future tasks not showing up for my drivers?

If a pre-scheduled task is outside the notification window, the job will indicate FUTURE and specifies when drivers will be notified:

In this example, this task will be visible in the driver's mobile app in 37 minutes.

If you want your drivers to be able to view future / pre-scheduled tasks immediately follow these steps:

1.  Edit the task and change the pickup time to the current time (screenshots below)

2.  Ensure that the “Minutes to notify driver before pre-scheduled job” setting is set up appropriately for your business model

  • For example, if you want drivers to be notified and tasks to be assigned 2 weeks before pickup time, you can enter 20160 minutes
  • Modifications made to “Minutes to notify driver before pre-schedule job” will only affect new tasks entered after the change was saved in your Settings. Old tasks will continue to use the old notification time
  • You can also cancel the old tasks and then re-enter the task (ensuring that the Available / Pickup time is within the “Minutes to notify driver before pre-scheduled job” window)