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Tasks that have been accepted by or assigned to a driver

Advanced Form

Enter a single task with expanded details - including data fields for timing / scheduling, delivery instructions, items, fees, etc.


Application Programming Interface (API) allows automated access to the GetSwift proprietary logistics platform. You can obtain quotes, book deliveries, track orders and view your order history via a simple RESTful interface

Average Immediate

(aka “Avg Immed”)

“Average immediate” metrics exclude future tasks from the calculation. This allows you to separate your “on-demand” task KPIs from your “pre-scheduled” task KPIs

              Avg Immed

              Delivery Time

Average delivery time of “on-demand” tasks - calculated from the time created to time completed

              Avg Immed

              Dispatch Time

Average delivery time of “on-demand” tasks - calculated from the time created to time a driver accepts a task


Enter multiple tasks by uploading a CSV spreadsheet into GetSwift


Setup your payment method and add money to your account - in order to access the GetSwift portal and services


Person with access to the “Public Booking Form” - they were invited to enter tasks into your account through the GetSwift booking form


Maximum number of tasks a driver can accept or be assigned at any given time


There are 2 different ways of monitoring and managing your tasks: Map dashboard & Live Jobs dashboard


Notify and assign tasks to your drivers


Person who is invited by the merchant to deliver tasks

Driver Declarations

Optional and customizable checklist of items that a driver must agree to before they go “online” at the beginning of each shift to start receiving tasks in the driver mobile app

Driver Match Key

Allows you to automate assignment of drivers to specific tasks through API or Batch Upload


Final destination of a task and associated details (location where items are delivered to the end customer)

En Route / On-Way

Driver has picked up a task and is in the process of delivering it to the final destination (drop-off)


Estimated Time of Arrival.  This can be viewed on your map as well as be sent directly to your end customers by enabling alerts.

*Note: Please contact GetSwift directly to enable this feature

             ETA: Back To


Time it will take for the driver to return to the pickup location (only for businesses that have one pickup location for all tasks)

             ETA: Delivery

             Run Completion

Time it will take for the driver to complete all en route tasks

             ETA: Delivery


Time it will take for the driver to arrive at the drop-off for the next task in their queue


Task where the pickup time is set in the future, determined by the “Minutes to notify drive before pre-scheduled jobs” setting

*Note:  You can modify this setting in Settings > Advanced Settings

Live Jobs

Dashboard with a list view of active jobs (tasks) and their status. Can also notify drivers, modify tasks, and delete tasks on this page


Dashboard with a map view that provides dispatchers an overview and visibility into active tasks. Enables the business to manage and/or modify tasks and drivers


Your business / company / store / restaurant. In an “organization” structure, this will be one individual store location


Initial alert driver(s) receive indicating that they have a new task. The driver then has the option to accept and be assigned a task, or decline the task


Allows you to manage multiple businesses that are organized in a hierarchical structure

*Note: Please contact GetSwift directly to enable this feature



Initial location where a task starts and associated details (location where items are received by the driver for delivery)

Proof of Delivery

In the Driver App, your driver has the option to add a photo and/or signature as a proof of delivery. Enabling this feature makes it mandatory for your drivers to collect POD.  This can also be sent to your customer upon completion of the task.

Public Form (Booking)

Enter tasks by inviting your customers to use GetSwift’s built-in booking form


Gives the driver the ability to purchase items at pickup. For reporting purposes, the driver will be required to input the amount paid before going “En Route”


Tasks that have been entered into the GetSwift platform and are awaiting dispatching to the drivers


Automatically set the most efficient driving route for your drivers based on distance or delivery time

*Note: Please contact GetSwift directly to enable this feature

Simple Form

Enter a single task with basic details - by simply entering address and contact information

SMS Sender ID

Allows for a personalized sender name or number

*Note: This is only available in certain countries (more details here). If you enter the SMS Sender ID in an unsupported country, the SMS will not be sent out to your customers


Order / job / delivery that is to be delivered to an end customer


Enter a single task using a customized task entry template - save commonly repeated data and hide irrelevant data fields


Allows your customers to track the location of their orders and your business to track the location of your drivers


Administrator or dispatcher that manages the GetSwift web portal interface for your account