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Driver Match Key

Auto assign jobs to drivers

Driver Match Keys allows you to automate assignment of drivers to specific tasks when entering tasks into GetSwift through the API or Batch Upload methods.

For example: If you do daily milk deliveries to local restaurants and cafes, you could upload your daily run sheet into GetSwift which would have driverID already pre-selected in your sheet so once you upload the daily run all drivers are assigned immediately to their deliveries and then smart routing in the GetSwift driver app tells the driver where to go first.

step 1

step 2

  • Enter an ID for each driver

step 3

step 4

  • Follow the instructions below, based on your method of entering tasks into GetSwift

Batch Upload

In your CSV file, create a column header name “DriverId”

Now simply enter in the corresponding Drive Match Key with the specific Task you wish to match them with!



Within the POST api/v2/deliveries

Enter the corresponding Drive Match Key within "driverMatchCode"


Please contact us if you need help setting up this feature

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