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Manage Drivers

Manage your driver fleet

On the Manage Driver page you can view a list of the drivers who you are invited, activated, awaiting approval, deactivated, and even those who are online.  Additionally, you are able to manage their permissions and details.

Filter & find

  • Use the filters on the left or the search box at the top to find a group of drivers or a specific driver within your fleet

view & edit Details

  • Next to a driver’s name click “Details” then you can:

    • Move a driver between your merchant accounts

      • For example: if you have multiple locations and a driver is moving to a new region. This allows you to seamlessly move the driver to that fleet in their new city.

    • Change purchasing privileges

    • Switch payment type (wage or commission)

    • View other details about the driver

Edit Driver Info

  • Click on the driver’s name then you:

    • Edit driver information such as Name, Email Phone and Mode of Transport

add drivers

  • There are four simple ways to add drivers to your fleet so they can begin delivering

Approve Driver

  • Did you select "manually approve driver" in your settings? 

    • If so, you'll need to navigate to Awaiting Approval to "Approve" your driver


  • Click Revoke next to a specific drivers name to remove driver access and ability to drive for your account

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