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Manually Approve Drivers

allow your drivers to begin delivering

In advanced settings, if you selected Manually Approve New Drivers, you will need to navigate to your Manage Drivers page to approve their status before they will be able to log in on the driver app to begin delivering for you.

This is particularly useful if you are utilizing the driver registration link to add new drivers to your account. This is because, upon submitting the registration form, drivers will automatically be added to your driver list, and set as “Active” to drive for your merchant account.  To prevent this, and add an additional layer of control to your business and who can driver for you, you will want to Manually Approve drivers who are registering in your Advanced Settings.

Step 1

Click the check box for Manually Approve New Drivers in your Advanced Settings.


Step 2

Then on the Drivers page, filter to Awaiting Approval and click Approve next to the driver(s) you want to activate.

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