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Future Jobs

DIFFERENTIATING pre-scheduled jobs

With GetSwift you have the ability to upload tasks that are scheduled for a later time.  These tasks will be differentiated from your on-demand business with the FUTURE status.  

adjust anytime

  • Should you require any changes on the go, upon clicking on a specific task you will have the ability to:

    • Edit the job, you can make changes to the Instruction, reference number, pick-up details, drop-off details, times, and/or items

    • Change driver percentage of the delivery fee to be collected, when applicable

    • Easily call the pick-up contact, and/or drop-off contact

    • Cancel a task


dispatching future orders

  • When a future job is within the Driver Notification Window, the status will change to FUTURE (NOTIFIED)

  • Green: it is not assigned to a driver

  • Yellow: it has been assigned to a driver


Tips and Tricks

  • Your driver(s) will not be notified of future tasks until they fall within the notification parameter that you determined in your advanced settings.

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