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In Progress Tasks

Tasks in Progress provide a quick view into all the tasks that have been accepted by your drivers.  The driver can be on his/her way to pick-up, or on-way to drop-off, all the while you can track this by the dynamic status changes from  Accepted, to En Route.

Should you require any changes on the go, upon clicking on a specific task you will have the ability to:

  • Edit the job, where the driver will be instantly notified of a change made via a push notification

  • Rush a task to be prioritize above other accepted jobs and the driver will be notified of this change via the mobile app push notifications

  • Cancel a task

  • Set “On Way”, which will trigger the en route alert if that is customized in your settings

  • Complete a task for the driver

  • Remove Driver and the task status will automatically update to Received

  • Easily call the pick-up contact, and/or drop-off contact