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Late Tasks

Late tasks are the jobs that have yet to be delivered to the end customer and surpass the latest predetermined drop-off time.  You will quickly see when the task was due, whether it was abandoned by the driver and its current status of Received, Accepted, or En Route for quick planning to get back on track.  

Similar to Unassigned Jobs, upon clicking on a specific task, you will have the ability to:

  • Edit the job

  • Change driver percentage of the delivery fee to be collected, when applicable,

  • Easily call the pick-up contact, and/or drop-off contact

Furthermore, for jobs that have been Accepted or En Route, additional options are available.  You can:

  • Rush a task to be prioritize above other accepted jobs and the driver will be notified of this change via the mobile app push notifications.

  • Cancel a task,

  • Set “On Way”, which will trigger the en route alert if that is customized in your settings.

  • Complete a task for the driver.

  • Remove Driver and the task status will automatically update to Received.