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List View of Live Jobs

List Format of current jobs to dispatch, view details & track progress

In this list view, you will be able to assign, modify and cancel jobs. While there is not a map on this page, you can still track the status updates of jobs through the progress bar.

navigate to live jobs

  • Click on the MENU icon (𝝣)

  • Click LIVE JOBS


status updates

  • Estimated Response Time: Indicate your average dispatch time for all jobs

  • Dispatch Status: Indicates whether the job is Submitted, Ready for Driver, Waiting for Driver, etc.

  • Progress Bar: Indicates the job stage: Order Placed → Driver Accepted → Picked Up → Delivery

  • More: Gives you the options to Edit, Delete, add Notes and see more details

Remind, Notify and Remove Drivers

  • Remind: Sends reminder (mobile push notification) to the driver about the job

  • Notify: Notify (dispatch) a specific driver about the job

  • Remove: Remove the current driver from the job (then you can reassign another driver)

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